Garden of Horrors: 13 Scary-Looking Plants

The world is full of weird, wild, and wonderful things that we cant even begin to imagine. With plants alone, nature has already presented us with specimens that are both baffling and awesome. There are also those that would definitely freak us out or even send us running for cover such as these plants.

Some of these plants are simply scary because of how they look. However, there are also those that have truly frightening qualities.

1. Octopus Stinkhorn


Photo credit: Benutzer:Oilys

The Octopus Stinkhorn is a fungus which grows near wood debris. It looks like bloody mutant octopus. It usually only has four to eight tentacles although some may have more. Its tentacles have a pinkish-red interior with a sticky, dark-colored substance called gleba, which contains spores. Although its now found in other parts of the world, its origins are traced to Australia. It also goes by the nickname, Devils Fingers. By the way, it smells like rotting flesh.

. Rafflesia


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The Rafflesia is leafless and rootless parasitic flower that boasts of the largest blooms. It feeds off other plants. It usually grows to a diameter of three feet and could weigh as much as 24 pounds. Its usually found in forests in southeast Asia. It looks like an alien life form just waiting to swallow up small animals. Its stinky smell attracts carrion flies.

. Porcupine Tomato


Photo credit: Frank Vincentz

The Porcupine Tomato looks like it could hurt people…and it could. Native to Madagascar and the islands of the western Indian Ocean, its a poisonous plant thats adorned with thorns.

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