The Latest Biohacking Trend Implants LED Lights Underneath The Skin!

There is a thin line that separates fashion and body modification nowadays. It can range from simple tattoos and jewelry implants to more imaginative and out of the box ideas. One such revolutionary idea is from the Pittsburgh-based DIY biohacker dudes of Grindhouse.

Led by its cofounder Tim Cannon, Grindhouse came up with LED lights that can be implanted underneath the skin and therefore illuminate the body. He said that coming up with this biohack started due to requests from people.

You know, people from the biohacking community wanted it. They contacted us because they wanted to light up their tattoos. Thats how we generate our implants, we let the community inspire us.

DICLAIMER: Some of the pictures are not for the faint-hearted

Grindhouses LED implants dubbed as the Northstar V1 is about the same size as a 2-euro coin and is magnetically activated. The user just needs to put on a magnet on top of the device and it lights up with its five LED points. These lights have the same function as bioluminescence and can therefore be used to light up body parts or tattoos. After 10 seconds, the device will go into sleep mode and the lights will be gone. Grindhouse said the implant can be lit at least 10,000 times before the batteries are deemed unrechargeable and needs to be taken out of from the body again.

The guys from Grindhouse trying on their new LED implants


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The Northstar LED illuminating chip is actually the second product Grindhouse has come up with. Tim Cannon already created and installed LED implants on his arm in 2013 which he then dubbed as Circadia 1.0. Circadia is controlled through smart phone or tablet. However Circadia is as big as a bar of soap, while its Northstar successor is considerably smaller. But Cannon and the Grindhouse guys hopes to come up with even smaller implants and they have been working on a Northstar V2 already.

Top Panels: The Circadia LED Prototype
Below: The smaller and more compact Northstar V1


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Cannon and his team ultimately envisions that their DIY biochip implants can be used in the future not only for aesthetic or fashion purposes but also for more useful medical uses such as monitoring a persons blood pressure and other biometrics and then sending the information via tablet or smartphone.

But for now, the team is satisfied with Northstar serving its intended purpose to light up the body. Grindhouse aims to showcase their chip implants in body modification conferences and Cyborg fairs.

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