10 Mega Rich People Who Are Super Greedy

Some rich people may be generous in more ways than none, but here are ten mega rich people who are super greedy.

10. John Cena


Cena may be every child`s hero, but his spending is greedy at best. He has four million dollar homes across the world.

9. Adam Sandler


He really isn`t a good actor but he charges big money to be in films, and sometimes arrogantly demands it.

8. Lil Wayne


He has made nearly $500 million in his lifetime, and has sqaundered it all on drugs, cars, and prostitutes. That`s utterly sad.

7. Tom Brady


Have you seen his house? He has a foreign car collection stemming over 300 cars. This man doesn`t know how to spend money.

6. Dr. Dre


Dr. Dre is one of the global pioneers of hip-hop. He sold his company to Apple for nearly $3.5 billion dollars, which was considered over demanding.

5. Ted Turner


It turns out Turner was taking a huge salary from his company in 2011, even though he`s worth $3 billion.

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