15 Celebrities Rumoured To Have Disgustingly Bad Breath

What a vibe killer. There’s nothing worse than bad breath and apparently not even celebrities are immune from it. Around 20% of the population suffer with bad breath and celebrities help to make up that ballpark figure. With all that money, you’d think that they could invest in some crazy mouth treatment, or at the minimum at least a pack of mints…; Perhaps their super busy schedules don’t allow for a trip to the corner shop to pick up some soft mints. Check out the celebrities who famously have bad breath…;

1.Ben Affleck


We wonder whether Ben’s awful breath is the real reason behind his split with wife Jennifer Garner. The Hollywood actor is certainly easy on the eye, but apparently he’s isn’t so easy on the nose! It’s been reported that Sandra Bullock gave him some mints whilst filming Forces of Nature in 1999 to cover up his bad breath.

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