15 Celebrities Who Completely Ruined Their Careers

Sometimes we put celebrities on this ‘perfect’ pedestal and forget that they’re actually humans too.

Everyone has bad days, makes mistakes and some are just downright horrible people. These celebs payed for their mishaps in the worst way possible – by their careers going completely down the toilet…;

Although these stars might be talented, their private and sometimes horrendous actions will continue to haunt them forever.

Although they are still in the Hollywood industry, you best believe that they are not achieving the level of success they might have had before.

Check out these unfortunate celebs who completely ruined their careers…;

1. Bill Cosby

celeb 1

This funny man’s career went down the pan when dozens of women came forward about sexual abuse allegations in 2014. His honorary degrees have been revoked, all of his shows have been cancelled and he definitely lost the hearts of the public.

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