15 Crazy People Who Paid Thousands To Look Like Their Celeb Idols

Everyone has a celebrity idol they secretly want to be.

Whether we envy their winning looks, smooth persona or just their lifestyle, we can all pick one we would quite like to be for a day.

Yet the majority of us wouldnt ever take this love for a famous star too literally.

These people are so fascinated by their celeb idols that they went the extra mile and decided to try and do their very best to become them!

There was no limit on the price they were willing to pay to achieve their goals and become the doppelganger of their famous icon.

Here are 15 people who took on the crazy task of looking like a celebrity.

1. Kim Kardashian


Jordan James Parke is a British make up artist who idolises everything about Kim K. He has spent over $150,000 on plastic surgery and lip filler to look like her!


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