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The mother of a man with autism excitedly tweeted his first-ever question — “Will someone like me?” — and the internet answered with unconditional love.

David Bloch, 21, of Neptune Beach, Florida was diagnosed with autism at age five, along with a severe immunodeficiency disorder that prevents him from being around children or in closed spaces, such as airplanes and movie theaters. David also cannot have attend mainstream school, so he is educated through a homebound hospital system.

While David is not completely nonverbal, until Thursday, he had never asked his mother a question. “We’ve never had a conversation,” David’s mother Kerry tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Friendships are also difficult and rare for David, who spends most of his time with his health aid and his parents.

While watching a football game on television, David suddenly turned to his mother and asked, “Would someone like me?” Eager to share his progress with her support system, Kerry tweeted, “My 21 year old autistic son has no communication skills. Today he asked me his first question ever. It was. ‘Would someone like me?’”

The answer, clearly, was yes. Amid 4.8 retweets and 68K likes, strangers began uploading photos of their family members, some with autism.

Rosie O’Donnell even tweeted back, “I like u” with heart and thumbs-up emojis.

Kerry tweeted back to David’s fans, “To say that David and I are overwhelmed by the response to this simple tweet is putting it mildly. Our hearts have never been touched like this. I am reading every reply to David. It’ll take time but know that every one of you have blessed us. Love you all!”

Kerry tells Yahoo Lifestyle that her viral tweet has made David incredibly happy and he is intent on replying to every single person who offered their friendship, saying, “He doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.”

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