Disney and Lucasfilms Deny Involvement in Sexy Star Wars Shoot

Well that didnt take long. Shortly after GQ posted a preview of their upcoming magazine featuring a risque photoshoot that sexualized Star Wars characters along with the popular comedienne Amy Schumer, complaints and controversy were flying rampantly. People with complaints took to Disneys official twitter account to voice their concern and offense. Disney has made an official statement regarding the matter taking to twitter to say Lucasfilm & Disney did not approve, participate in or condone the inappropriate use of our characters in this manner,.

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Photo spread from the August issue of GQ, soon to hit the shelves

But amidst all the controversy, sources close to the company stated that theres really nothing that Disney could do about such a thing simply because of laws regarding parody. Because the images were meant to be a joke, Disney wouldnt really have a leg to stand on in court. Moreover, most people simply think that those voicing their complaints are simply overreacting. After all, it is an adult photo spread targeted at an adult audience. So whats the infraction? Look for the new GQ featuring the photoshoot this August in stores everywhere.

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