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In a perfect world, we’d still be getting new seasons of Santa Clarita Diet. But a daytime talk show hosted by Drew Barrymore? That was probably inevitable for one of Hollywood’s most amiable and media-savvy personalities. Barrymore’s eponymous show kicked off its CBS run on Monday, its energetic hour packed with celebrity interviews and content that’s about as uplifting as you can find these days. It also featured a pair of notable reunions, each indicative of a different bright spot in the performer’s career.

The first was Adam Sandler, who starred alongside Barrymore in The Wedding Singer, 50 First Dates, and Blended. Appearing virtually with a ukulele in hand, Sandler joined Barrymore for a sequel of sorts to 50 First Dates, with the actor doing his best to explain to an amnesia-stricken Barrymore the state of things in 2020. “It sounds kinda like you’re making this up,” she replies, and oh how we wish he were.

“You are magic. The whole world feels it,” Sandler says in parting. “And I’m lucky that i know you so well.”

Watch it below.

Barrymore also linked up with Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, with whom she starred in McG’s two Charlie’s Angels movies. Together, the trio reminisced on those halcyon days in between musings on motherhood and a story in which Barrymore accidentally sent a video meant for Diaz to some “young boy.” Oops.

See some of the highlights below.

Barrymore’s A-list roster for the week only grows more impressive. She spoke with Reese Witherspoon this morning (watch here) and will have Jane Fonda, Gabrielle Union, Charlize Theron, Billy Porter, and Tyra Banks on the show later this week.

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