Happy 10th Birthday Twitter: Here Are Your Highlights!

Do you feel old yet? Because we definitely do…;We can’t believe that Twitter has been around for an entire decade.

The website that allows us to voice our opinions, connect with celebrities and constantly be up to date with current events in the world is celebrating it’s 10th Birthday today and we just HAD to do something in homage of Twitter.

From Zayn Malik’s Twitter feuds with just about everyone to Kim Kardashian breaking the internet over her nude selfie – you best bet that there is a whole lot of incredible, ridiculous, magical and hilarious tweets that we just need to show you.

Check out all of Twitter’s best highlights over the past 10 years that are guaranteed to make your day…;

1. When Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Sent The First Every Tweet – And Screwed Up His Websites Name…;

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