Jax Taylor And Tom Sandoval Working On Fixing Their Friendship After Explosive Fallout – Will Thing… – Celebrity Insider

Fans of Vanderpump Rules knew that Tom Sandoval and Jax Taylor were not exactly on good terms following their explosive beef but the two men were caught spending some time together not too long ago! Does that mean they’ve made peace? One insider report claims to know that the former friends are indeed headed in a more peaceful direction.

It all started with Jax suddenly unfollowing one of his BFFs, Tom Sandoval on social media, shocking the show’s audience since it seemed to come out of nowhere!

There was no explanation until the trailer for season 8 was released, showing Jax and Tom screaming at one another and even crying over their fallout.

As for the present, one source tells HollywoodLife that the two having a night out together was an attempt to fix things and bury the hatchet.

That, however, does not mean things will ever be back to what they once were between them!

‘Tom Sandoval and Jax hung out with Tom Schwartz at TomTom for dinner because Schwartz’s mom’s in town and they enjoyed a special night out. It was just like old times. They are trying to rebuild their friendship after this summer. Things are not the same, but people were happy and surprised to see them spending a boys’ night out together. It seems they are both trying to get back to where they were, but that may never happen.’


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They went on to mention that Tom was the most affected by the fallout and that he is actually still pretty confused as to what really happened between them: ‘Sandoval was so down and hurt over the demise of his friendship with Jax, so it was a really big step for them to go out together. Sandoval’s heartbroken over it. He is a pretty emotional guy and still does not get why Jax got so upset with him in the first place.’

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