Kevin Owens rips WWE star for Donald Trump “forgotten no more” tweet – Wrestling News

WWE SmackDown star Jaxson Ryker took to Twitter on Monday evening to give praise to President Donald Trump. He ended his tweet with his “Forgotten No More” catchphrase that he uses during his promos.

Kevin Owens took notice of this and pointed out Ryker’s poor timing to use that catchphrase while there are protests and riots going on across America following the murder of George Floyd.

Owens tweeted, “The freedom you speak of entitles you to speak your mind all you want. I’m not here to argue that. I just really need to tell you that I think you pushing your sh*tty wrestling catchphrase as all of this is happening is absolutely f**king pathetic.

Good night.”

As of this writing, Ryker has not responded to KO.

There were other wrestlers that did not take too kindly to Ryker’s tweet. You can see some of the reactions below.

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