Miley Cyrus Undergoes Vocal Cord Surgery: Report – Rolling Stone

After being hospitalized for tonsillitis in October, Miley Cyrus reportedly underwent vocal cord surgery for an issue she unknowingly had for years.

According to People, the singer was told she would need to have surgery before the end of the year. After undergoing the procedure and leaving the hospital, Cyrus must now adhere to weeks of silence as part of the recovery process, postponing her plans to record new music and perform until early 2020.

On Friday, Cyrus’ boyfriend Cody Simpson posted a Instagram photo of the duo with the caption “success” seemingly alluding to the surgery.

In late October, Cyrus revealed via an Instagram Story that she had taken a hiatus from singing writing, “On vocal rest not body.” The singer was reportedly hospitalized for one day for her tonsillitis surgery last month.

Cyrus released her latest EP in She Is Coming in June, the first of three six-song EPs the singer revealed would create a full LP titled She Is Miley Cyrus. While no release dates have been revealed, the two unreleased EPs are set to be titled She Is Here and She Is Everything.

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