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Pearl Jam has been strangely quiet this year, having not played any live shows or offered any real updates on a new album (they haven’t put one out since Target aggressively pushed Lightning Bolt in 2013), but the band can still offer up a holiday gift for all the good little grunge fans (and grunge fans at heart) out there. As reported by Rolling Stone, Pearl Jam is going to be gradually releasing all of its holiday singles—which, up until now, have only been available to fan club members—on streaming platforms, with the program taking on the festive name “12 Days Of Pearl Jam.”

The first song, a cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Someday At Christmas” from 2004, is available now, but as Rolling Stone points out, it’s unclear which song will come next or what order these are being released in. “Someday At Christmas” is neither the first nor the most recent holiday-related song released as one of Pearl Jam’s holiday singles (a huge number of which are not holiday-related at all), so the next one could be 1991’s “Let Me Sleep (Christmas Time) or even the version of “Redemption Song” that Eddie Vedder sang with Beyoncé a few years ago. That one wasn’t about the holidays, but it did have Beyoncé, which is just as good.

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