Ryan Reynolds Tweets Hilarious Posts About Life As A Dad

Ryan Reynolds became a dad in 2014 to his now 1 year old daughter James. Of course, as we all know, he’s married to Gossip Girl stunner Blake Lively, and they’ve even announced they are expecting their second child together – what a perfect little family!

But how exactly is our favourite actor adapting to his life as a Dad? You only need to take a look at Ryan’s Twitter feed to get an insight into this new lifestyle with his baby girl.

Parents out there should definitely take Ryan’s parenting advice and experiences with a pinch of salt…; Here are some of his most hilarious tweets since he became a father, showing that even with parenthood you can still keep your sense of humour.

1. Baby Sneezes

We can’t imagine anyone, even your own child, sneezing into your mouth whilst you’re mid-yawn is pleasant, but poor innocent James has no idea what her dad has in store for her in years to come!

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