Before we show you the grave picture, be warned. This image is not for the faint-hearted ones. It can make one of the strongest minds recoil in fear as it sees the effects of radiation on the human body. Interestingly enough, this degenerated condition of the body didnt present itself immediately.
radiation exposure2

The radiation accident took place in Japan at the reprocessing facility of Tokaimura on 30 September 1999. The poor victims name was Hiroshi Ouchi, who was just 35 years old at that time. It happened while he was depositing Uranyl Nitrate containing 16 kilograms worth of uranium ions into a precipitation tank. The result was disastrous for his body as strong radiation comprising Neutron beams ripped through his body and shredded his DNA to bits. Without them, he was very similar to a lump of meat with the body having no idea what to do with food, how to work or even respond to stimulus.

The doctors knew that the moment his body was exposed to such concentrated beams, he was a walking dead man. Despite the damning exposure of radiation, Ouchi was conscious for some time in the aftermath. He could even talk to his surgeons a little and they thought there might be some hope after all.

That is until the skin started falling off, and his flesh exposed and followed the behavior of the surface. His condition worsened every day as his body relinquished control of his intakes and excretions. He was kept alive for a jaw-dropping 83 days with artificial help for medical reasons. He was put into a coma soon after his symptoms became too painful for him. His skin and flesh blistered and began to fall right in front of the doctors. His body organs failed collectively, and he lost an astonishing 20 Kgs of body fluids in a single day, and more had to be pumped into him as well as a huge amount of blood transfusion.

His body was monitored round the clock by a dedicated team of nurses, specialists, and scientists. Stem transplants, skin grafts, and other unconventional surgeries were carried out at his deteriorating body during those days which resulted in no success since his neurological DNA had been damaged. It was clear to the medical staff that he wont survive, but they kept trying just because it was an extraordinary case.

Radiation exposure

Here is a photograph of the poor individual. There is no skin on him at all. This is what happens when you mess with radiation. Perhaps it was a signal for mankind to stop this unnatural generation of electricity. Nuclear waste will keep on radiating for centuries and we cant do anything about it.