This Man Replaces Peoples Heads With Hilarious Celebrity Cut Outs

Hes never snapped a celebrity in his life, but Joel Strong is behind one of the most popular celebrity Instagram accounts on the internet.

Instead of photographing the rich and famous, Strong has a penchant for the surreal, replacing the faces of people he meets on the streets of New York with cardboard cut-outs of the stars he idolises.

In one reality-suspending photo, Kanye West is pictured making-out with a clone of himself, while in another, supermodel Cara Delevinge is depicted as a posy work-woman with a smouldering pout.

The project, named mydaywithleo, started as an inside joke with his girlfriend and a cut-out of Leonardo DiCaprio, but has expanded to include other stars past and present.

With more than 159,000 follows on Instagram, the account has taken the internet by storm, earning the New York-based visual artist a spot on the Rolling Stones list of the 100 best Instagram accounts.

These are some of Strongs best celebrity head-swaps. To test your celebrity knowledge, see if you can guess who they all are (for answers, refer to the last slide).




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