Yes, They’re Real! 10 Ugliest Houses From Around the World

We all want to put our personal stamp on where we live, but some homeowners go too far to when it comes to making their homes stand out.

Although these houses may look odd or hideous to us, they are their respective owners’ dream homes. In fact, several of them boast of awesome interiors.

So, who cares if they look like nightmares to the rest of the world? Apparently, beauty is in the eye of the homeowner.

1. Louis Vuitton Logo House


Photo credit: Freshome

This house’s owner clearly got a carried away in paying homage to the luxury brand. If the people behind Louis Vuitton want to get a closer look at this house, they’d have to go to Mexico.

2. Rainbow House

Rainbow House

The rainbow is a symbol of hope. However, it didn’t turn out too well when all its colors were used for this house in Melbourne, Australia.

3. Jigsaw Home


You could say that this house in Belgium is quite a puzzle.

4. Boulder House


Photo credit: JSome1

This house in Portugal looks like it was carved out of a boulder. It was actually built in between two giant boulders and made to look “rocky.” Truth be told, it really doesn’t look inviting.

5. Cowboy Mansion


Photo credit: Robert Elzey

This cowboy mansion in Wyoming was built with the best intentions. The owner used salvaged materials for it. However, the awkwardly shaped rooms and multiple balconies turned the place into a mansion of confusion.

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