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Make the most of your “new normal.”

Welcome to a new week. We’re going feel a bit conflicted this week, but there’s also an undercurrent of optimism and hope.

What we do this week might be able to unlock some of our mass mutual frustration. In other words, this week could be a very good week for us, but only if we let it.

The weekly love horoscope is where we start to put our lives back in order. And we can be very successful at it if we put in the effort.

We’ve been held back, it’s true, but we’ve also let a lot of important things in our lives fall into disarray. This is the week we work on putting our lives together and picking up the pieces.

The message of this tarot card reading is clear: the “new normal” is what we make of it. Let’s see how the cards get specific for each zodiac sign.

Aries: 9 of Wands

You’re going to come to terms with the expression, “Enough is enough,” Aries.

It’s time to take responsibility for what you’ve neglected — and you have let many, many things fall to the side. Yes, you’ve had very legitimate reasons for letting things slide, but it’s now become a habit for you. 

Don’t let yourself deteriorate into laziness and inactivity. This week you’re going to get that wake up call that pulls you into action. Your best bet? Do it! Get active. Move it.

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Taurus: 7 of Pentacles

Expect an uptick in your finances this week, Taurus.

Things are looking good. It may be that you’re back in business again, or simply that you’re not in as bad a shape as you imagined yourself to be.

This is the week where you’ll have fun — yes, good old fun; that thing you’ve been craving for months. It’s here, so work your magic and make it as positive as you can. Keep hope alive!

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Gemini: 4 of Pentacles

It’s time to plan for the future, Gemini.

You’ve had many ideas swirling around in your head for several months, and while you’ve been unable to act on those ideas and plans, this week is the time for you to get serious. It’s hard for you to make decisions, but this is something you have to come to terms with.

The times, they are a-changin’, and you have to start acting like there’s a future. As Red says in The Shawshank Redemption, “Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

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Cancer: 10 of Swords

Good news, Cancer: You’re healthy! Not only that, but you’re able, which means get to work on improving your life.

You’ve spent way too much time scared out of your mind; even your dreams reflect that fear. But “fear” has become a presence in your life that’s starting to become bigger than you are. 

Don’t let it. Don’t waste your time on fear anymore. Stay away from the news, give yourself a social media break, stick with what works in your life and add to it by allowing yourself to progress. Stagnation is not your style.

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Leo: 3 of Swords

Leo, this is the week where you will hear too many opinions on what you should or shouldn’t do.

People you know will be offering unsolicited advice to the point where you’re going to want to build a wall around yourself just to shut them all up. Do yourself a favor: just be yourself and don’t let the opinions of others get to you.

The people around you are bored and their imaginations are running wild; they have nothing to do but create gossip and drama. Walk away, Leo. Walk away.

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Virgo: 6 of Cups

You’re the lucky one this week, Virgo.

You’re going to be feeling love, hope, promise — everything you’ve been waiting for. It’s happening right now during this very week.

Hold off on overeating, though a little fun with food couldn’t hurt. This week has that in store for you: food, friends and fun.

Suddenly, the atmosphere is going to feel much lighter for you, perhaps even “doable.” You’re going to enjoy this week — good for you!

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Libra: 5 of Pentacles, reversed

While it’s a fairly good week for you, Libra, it’s also a week of purging. This means you’re going to want to create change in a big way.

You may want to turn your entire house upside down, even move out if it’s appropriate. You’re going to find yourself sick of things this week, but ready to improve on what’s gone wrong.

It’s a good week to throw out the garbage of the past, both mentally and physically.

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Scorpio: 7 of Cups, reversed

Don’t be surprised if you start getting a little paranoid about your relationship, Scorpio.

You’ve been feeling unnerved by your partner and just being cooped up for this lengthy period of time has you wanting to strangle them. Take a break! Relax your mind and throw yourself into meditation.

It’s been very hard for couples; these last few months are make or break for many. You’ll have that choice this week, Scorpio. You can make or break your relationship, so take a beat, step back, and think hard before you make any rash moves.

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Sagittarius: 6 of Wands

In a certain deck of cards, this card is the card of the Mask. How appropriate for you, Sagittarius.

Symbolically, right now, this means that you need to take care of yourself. For this card to fall this week implies that you’re considering easing off on your personal protection out there in the world. Big mistake.

Keep the mask on. If a card like this comes up specifically for you, it means listen to the guidelines for personal health. Life goes on, and you want to be a part of it, so keep that mask on and stay safe.

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Capricorn: 6 of Pentacles

It’s business as usual for you, Capricorn.

You’ve managed very well under the circumstances, and this week will have you investing in the future. This could be towards your household — interior decorating, out with the old, in with the new — that sort of thing.

You’ll be doing a little online shopping this week, itching to spend some of those hard-earned dollars that you were able to come by. All in all, it’s a good week for you, with very little to worry about.

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Aquarius: 3 of Pentacles

The cards say keep going — you’re going to be fine, Aquarius.

You have gone through some exceptionally rough times and you still can’t really see the shore from the boat you believe to be sinking. Alas, it’s not sinking and you will remain afloat.

The waters of negativity are a choice now: sink or swim. You will choose to swim. Eliminate the negativity from your life by employing a spiritual practice, such a meditation or the Law of Attraction.

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Pisces: 6 of Swords

Renewal is in the cards for you this week, Pisces.

It’s now or never with you, and you’re going to choose now. This is the moment, the only moment you have, and it’s up to you to make the most of it. There’s no more room for dwelling on the past or the way things were.

You might feel melancholic this week, but it will pass. It’s very understandable to sink into the mire of depression, but this week is the one where you absolutely must get it together. Whip it, Pisces. Whip it good.

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